herbed chicken

Food Photography & Styling Basics
Houston, Texas
August 25, 2018 11AM-2pm
COST: $120

While spending three hours on a food styling and photography workshop with us, you’ll get hands-on food styling tips, photography education, and feedback.

CAMERA: Expect to get comfortable with the manual settings of your DSLR (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO). We will demonstrate our process for capturing photos and you’ll practice capturing the shot you want with our help. 

STYLING AND COMPOSITION: You'll learn the rule of thirds, the use of white space, as well as tips and tricks to take the perfect shot. We will work together to style and prop your shot, and we’ll explain how styling can transform food. You will have access to a collection of surfaces and props from Williams Sonoma, you’ll practice the entire styling process to help achieve a beautifully composed photo.

LIGHTING: You will learn how to manipulate natural light and create various images in relation to it. 


Please bring a DSLR camera and lens. 


  • 3 hours of live demonstration, hands-on styling and photography lessons
  • Meals: We will provide a light lunch (which we will shoot), snacks, and drinks
  • Raffle drawing